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    2 spacious & unique Rehearsal Rooms

    fully furnished with top of the range equipment

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    rehearsal space for bands

    Set Up According To Your Personal Preference

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    Studio 1

    • Gretsch Brooklyn 3pc Pro Kit
    • Yamaha Stage Custom ADV Fusion 22″ 5pc
    • Ampeg SVT-VR – EBS 410 Cab – EBS 15F 400 Cab
    • Marshall JCM 2000 Head – Marshall Double Stack 1960A and B 300w 4×12 Cabs
    • Marshall AVT 150 Head – Marshall AVTC 412a Cab
    • Marshall DSL 100 Head – Marshall AC 4 x 12 Cab
    • Blackstar ID100 TVP Head – Marshall AC 4 x 12 Cab
    • Marshall Valvestate 80 Combo
    • Mackie SR 153 OZ P.A. Speakers
    • Wharfedale Evpx 15pm Monitor x2-Wharfedale Evpx 15m Monitor x 2
    • Macsound Sc70 Keyboard Combo
    • Yamaha MG16XU Mixing Desk
    • 4 x Shure Sm58s or Ev Ndym Mics
  • Studio 2

    • Yamaha Stage Fusion Birch 5pc
    • Warwick Neo Head – Warwick Neo 8 x 12 Cab
    • Ashdown JJ Burnell Signature Bass Head – Ampeg Classic SVT 410 Cab
    • Marshall AVT 150H Head – Marshall 412a cab
    • Marshall AVT 150HX Head – Marshall 412a Cab
    • Marshall JCM2000 Head – Marshall 1922 2 x 12 Cab
    • Marshall Valvestate 80 Combo
    • Wharfedale Evpx 15pm Monitor
    • Wharfedale Evpx 15m Monitor
    • Mackie SRM 450 x 2 – Mackie SWA 1501 subs x 2
    • Yamaha MG12XU Mixing Desk
    • 3 x Shure Sm58 Mics
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    The Control Room

    OUR Control Room is one of the largest in Scotland

Rehearsal Studios Glasgow


Headhunter Studios are located just off the M77 exit at Kinning Park, Glasgow, a few minutes walk from the Subway and Paisley Road Toll.

We offer 2 ultra spacious & unique Rehearsal Rooms furnished with top of the range equipment and provide a full range of Recording, Mixing, Mastering and CD printing packages.

Our aim is to always deliver a professional service but in a relaxed, informal and friendly atmosphere – we understand that musicians and artists need freedom to create and room to rock!

We stock guitar strings and drumsticks and supply soft drinks and snacks Рtea and coffee are  complimentary. Ample parking is available in Stanley St.Lane.


STUDIOS [ view all ]

  • STUDIO 1

    Studio 1 is one of the largest rehearsal rooms in Scotland, furnished with top of the range……..

  • STUDIO 2

    Studio 2 is an airy and well spaced out room a beamed ceiling and natural light….


Recording studio glasgow

Whether you are a budding musician or singer looking to record a quality professional demo to get your first deal or, a signed artist/band looking to mix down your album, you might want to consider Headhunter Studios!

We offer state of the art equipment to record, mix, overdub, master & produce. From compilation albums to voiceovers, film soundtracks to jingles, no job is too big or too small!

The studio has a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Our experienced staff pride ourselves in giving the best possible service to our clients. We can tailor packages to suit your production needs, so call/email us for a chat & a quote.

Our rates are all-inclusive and include the cost of hiring the studio and an engineer for your session.


  • STUDIO 1

    Studio 1 is an ultra spacious and unique rehearsal room with top of the range equipment……


    The Headhunter Control Room is one of the largest in Scotland….