Clan Wallace

Clan Wallace after performance sunday

CLAN WALLACE as a musical group was created in 1994 during the filming of “Braveheart”. In between filming they would entertain the other actors and film crew with their highly original blend of traditional warpipes and tribal drum rhythms. Their popularity grew to the extent that they had a full year of bookings – without any promotional material prepared as the formation of the band had been spontaneous. They went on to appear in Gladiator, The Bruce, King Arthur and many other Films and Documentaries.
CLAN WALLACE were the first band to receive the Danny Kyle Music Award, a great honour in Scotland.
The band have spent the last 20 years touring while continuing to keep a high profile within the Film & Television industry with appearances in over 200 productions.
Clan Wallace have performed at over 150 Festivals, Headlining most of these major events and drawing in thousands with their worldwide reputation. They have also played and performed at hundreds of Commercial & Promotional Events for a wide range of Corporate clients.
CLAN WALLACE remain the most sought after and the most original musical showcase in the Celtic world today. They are the true original Scottish Tribal Pipe and Drum band with trance like rhythms, powerful & soul stirring warpipes, visually brought together with the fearsome tribal dances and energetic percussion of the bands Fomorian women.