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Stramash are a Celtic Folk Rock band with Sweet Guitar Riffs, Celtic/Folk Rhythms, Folk inspired Vocal Melodies, Haunting Highland Bagpipes and Stirring Whistles and Fiddle

Stramash are determined to push the boundaries within the Folk genre and give it a major shot of adrenaline whilst keeping true to their Scottish roots. Stramash have been described as Powerful, Energetic, Passionate, Melodic, Witty and Imaginative.

Stramash bring something old and something new to the Folk world, their musical style and their individual personalities make them unforgettable to all who encounter them.

In early 2011 the band locked themselves away in the rehearsal studio and after a fair shedding of blood, sweat and tears, Stramash emerged triumphant with the sound that they had created ready for the road ahead…TARTAN FOLK ‘N’ ROCK!

After a great 2012, highlights including performances in China, 2 month European tour, performing in the Royal Concert hall Glasgow and receiving the SNMA award for Roots recording of the year, Stramash again locked themselves in the studio recording album 2, a much faster paced, energetic album. “The Lion Rises”. Released May 21st 2013…

With the release of The Lion Rises, Stramash toured worldwide for 6 months, headlining major festivals such as Montelago Folk Festival and Celtica Festival, Travelling thousands of miles and gaining friends at every stop.
With recent successes and many years of hard work, Stramash will be taking the summer and Autumn of 2014 off from touring, They will take this time to get back into the studio and record there 3rd Album, “Wheel of Time”.
It will be the first all original album from Stramash, 14 songs written, arranged and produced by Stramash. This album will be a combination of Folk Rock but with a softer touch than has previously been recorded.  Get ready for the Mayhem!

Stramash’s stage show and appearance sets them apart from the crowd. Like their music, they incorporate styles both modern and traditional, opting to wear the Traditional Highland Plaid and Sporran, accompanied with the bands Sramashannach Army T-Shirt. Stramash look as eclectic as the music they produce; invoking excitement wherever they play.

Stramash are creating a new energy, a new way to interpret ancient songs and an old way of preserving them, and the culture that embodies all that is uniquely Scottish

Stramash where the winners of the SNMA award for Roots recording of the year in 2012.

Stramash received the coveted MacDudel Music award for there number one hit “The Stramashannach”

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