Music Video Production

We specialise in innovative affordable music video production for record companies, unsigned artists, and even tribute acts. How we work:

1. Make a plan:   First we would ask you to send us the track you want to make the vid for, also a brief synopsis of any ideas, storyboards, themes or concepts that you may have – don’t worry if you’ve not thought about any of this as we can help you come up with the right idea for your track and your budget. The next stage is to either arrange a meet up or, depending on your location, have a chat over the phone about things such as locations and what your final budget will be.

2. Decide your budget:   The budget is one of the first things to decide as it dictates what is going to be possible in your video – there is no such thing as a one quote fits all price structure. Although we pride ourselves on being able to produce expensive looking videos for a fraction of what they can cost elsewhere, certain things will add to your production costs. For instance a heavily story boarded video will cost more than a simple performance vid especially if multiple locations are to be used. One of the best ways to get something atmospheric and original on a low budget is to use an interesting location, of which we have many. The bottom line is that as with any kind of production, the higher the budget the better the production value and overall quality of your finished product. Once a budget is agreed we guarantee not to go over that budget, so long as your requirements and the logistics do not alter.

3. Choose a Location:   The next thing to consider is the location for the shoot.

4. The Shoot:   The most important thing about the shoot for us, is that everyone enjoys themselves. People tend to be at their most creative when there’s a good vibe in the air.

5. Editing:   After the shoot we put together a rough edit and preview it to you via Youtube or at the Headhunter Studios so you can give feedback and have a creative input to the editing process. This process continues over several more edits until you’re happy with the final cut.

Live Video Production:   A live video is an essential part of a band or artist’s portfolio. Our Live Event Shoot packages offer filming in High Definition Video, with a minimum of two cameras covering the event, to capture all the action in great picture quality. Your chosen track or tracks are then recorded, mixed & mastered at Headhunter Studios. Combine this with the footage and you have a high quality live video with high quality audio to complement it. Completed edits are provided on DVD, plus uploaded onto YouTube (if required) and our website. We can tailor packages to cover different length events – please contact us to discuss.